Wenzhou Changer Medical Suppliers Co.,Ltd. hereby solemnly declares to all customers:

CHEN JIE Disposable face mask and KN95 face mask, with complete qualification, have passed FDA and CE, and the products meet relevant standards.

Due to the outbreak of the epidemic in Europe and the United States, the supply of products is in short supply, and there is an illegal printing of our company's packaging boxes for the sale of fake and inferior products.

It is hereby solemnly declared that:

The RMB account name of our company's: Wenzhou Changer Medical Suppliers Co.,Ltd

The only exclusive overseas sales company is HUAKE LIMITED for USD payment.

If you have any questions and Identify the authenticity of the products, please contact us via sales@changermask.com . Beware of fake and inferior products.

Our company will hold those who counterfeit our products accountable!